About Us

Getting the right results for our customers!

What we are about

Our approach is different! We focus on working with the customer, using background information, analytics and working out what the customer wants to achieve, and how they will get there.

From here, we creating a custom strategy with each customer ensures we get the best result possible. But, don't take our work for it. You can read our reviews.

Background Information

Our beginnings starting in 2014, working and establishing relationships with merchants, discovering their needs and finding the right funding solutions for them

Since then, we have grown as an international business, with team members from U.S.A, Asian , Central Ameria and Europe

What has made us standout from the crowd is our approach to technology, analytics and customer care

The Founders

“ We understand small business is the core of our economy. The more we empower business owners to grow and innovate, the better they can provide for and service our communities. The faster we cut down the barriers limiting these small business owners, the brighter the future is for all of us.”

- Jon Fry

“ We have a unique approach which makes us such a great FinTech. Create and using SaS, analytics and data mining strategies we have been able to build solutions to analysis, assist and support our customers from end to end. Which we are communally improving”

- Scott Underhill
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